PART 1: MY SUNDAY BESTPART 2: MEMORY LANEPART 3: GOOD FOR THE SOULAunt Jessie watched the girl shudder, breathing heavily as one tear cascaded down her cheeks. She wiped her red eyes and looked at her, finally saying.“Why doesn’t he want me? I – I was there for him. I gave him my heart, my body and soul, but it wasn’t enough for him. There had to be someone else. I wasn’t good enough for him, no matter how much I tried.”She sobbed a bit, Jessie bringing her another tissue to wipe her face with.“I’m sorry to hear that, Emma,” she comforted her.“I got piercings for him, his name is tattooed on my lower back, but he didn’t appreciate any of it. Why didn’t he? What’s wrong with these men?”“That’s the way the world works, my dear. Those we desire seldom have time for us, while those who we should have will never fully have us.”“That’s true,” she said, “that’s so true. I remember when I met him, he was all I could think about, but I had suitors better than him ask me out.”“Including Damian,…


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He had come to enjoy the whoosh of speeding cars on the highway, rushing to beat the traffic light, only to have the police officer march across the road with his hands raised in the air, almost triumphant in his quest to increase traffic. He smiled at him as he walked across, beaming at the pained motorists who glared at him as he strolled across with Patricia.“This is a much longer route to the stage,” she said.“It’s the safer one,” he told her, reaching into his pocket to remove a coin, which he gave the child extending her arm towards him, her mother seated behind her, urging her on.“You know they might use it to buy drugs, right?” Patricia asked him.“Really? A mother and daughter on the streets?”“Why not? Haven’t you heard of people who’ve bought entire plots of land from begging alone?”“I have, but still…”“You’ll give them the benefit of the doubt, won’t you?” she asked. He simply shrugged, not wanting to get into another debate with her …


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The grace with which she held her cup was magical to him; her glowing skin brought to life by the sunlight that pierced through the window made her look like an otherworldly goddess, one who he had hoped to woo for years on end. Could this be his chance?“It’s really good to see you, Emma,” he said, smiling broadly.“It’s good to see you too.”“I’ve missed you.”“Awww, how sweet. But it hasn’t been that long,has it? We talk all the time.”“If you count commenting on your photos a conversation, then by all means, we are quite talkative,” he said. She laughed a bit, curling her hair behind her ear as she did.“I’d missed that witty banter of yours. Always had a way with words, didn’t you?”“I try.”“No, seriously. You did. All the times you talked to me when I needed you can confirm it. I bet you thought I didn’t listen, right?”“Ha! I was sure you didn’t listen!” he quipped as they shared a laugh together.“And I bet you thought yo…